State of Lua with Cocos2d-x?

State of Lua with Cocos2d-x?
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Hi Everyone -

I’m currently evaluating cross-platform game engines for a new project of mine. I’m looking at Moai, LibGdx and Cocos2d-x. I’m shying away from LibGdx because 1) I hate Java, so would want to use Scala… which is a pain to get running on iOS and 2) The cost of Xamarin. This leaves me Moai and Cocos2d-x. These two made the cut because I am a huge fan of Lua. Normally, I would jump right into Moai but the lack of documentation, the nightmare that is setup, and the amount of work required just to get a production host up and running is a little unsettling.

So this brings me to Cocos2d-x. While I am versed enough in C*+ to make my way around, I am in no way a guru and would like to avoid it as much as possible. If I have to write some bindings, or do a bit of work in C*+ I can. In fact, knowing I can use C++ to get some better performance is a huge plus for me. I just don’t want to spend 100% of my time there.

With that said, what is the state of the Lua bindings in Cocos2d-x? Are they production ready? Can I do anything in Lua that I can do in Lua (from a SDK stand point)? Can I write a complete game in Lua with Cocos2d-x? How would that performance be?

Many thanks in advance


Cocos2d-x with lua support is well, you can use lua do almost thing in your game.
If you found any function cannot do in lua, do it with c++, and open an interface for lua call.
Or use other libs for lua, like my LuaProxy.