Start new game using cocos2d-x v3.0-pre-alpha or the latest stable

Start new game using cocos2d-x v3.0-pre-alpha or the latest stable
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That is the question;)

If we start programming the game with the latest stable version, is it “easy” to migrate to version 3.0?


BTW: Good job!


Migrating from 2.1.x to 3.x would be a pain in the butt as it is a major overhaul of the system. Also, 3.x is backwards incompatible.
Start a new project using 3.x instead.


v3.0 has a new API that is not backwards compatible. However, the v2.1 API is still supported, but it is tagged as deprecated.

You should know that v3.0-pre-alpha0 does NOT have the final API and more changes will be added in the next releases.

If you plan to release your game in the next 3 months, I suggest to use v2.1.4.
But If you plan to:

  • release your game next year
  • and you don’t mind upgrading your code during these months in order to use the new APIs
  • I suggest start using v3.0-pre-alpha0.


Thank you very much!


Or make it like I will do it:
I will use the 3.0 branch from now on and I plan to release the game during the next 3 month too :wink:


I don’t really think it’ll be a very good approach. As Ric have said, there are still a lot of major changes to come, and using 3.0 as your base might be bothersome in the future.

I’d keep 2.1.4 for all my commercial projects, for now, and just use 3.0 to test and experiment stuff that I plan on using.