Standard behaviour or bug for multi touch under IOS safari

Standard behaviour or bug for multi touch under IOS safari
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Hi all, i am quite new to all this.
I am currently running v2.1.0

Basically i have 2 button sprite on my layer on the bottom far left and the far right.
I am pretty sure my code itself has no problem as it is really basic.
Everything works as what i expert beside onTouchesEnded

the problem occur where i test it on the IOS Safari.
First i press the button on the left (lest call it LB) and hold on it
Then i tap on button on the right (RB)

It first trigger onTouchesBegan 1 point in touches, on RB

If i drag and move before RB release
it trigger onTouchesMoved and give good position of 2 point in touch touches (where my 2 finger on the screen)

the real confusing bit is when LB is on hold and RB is release

it trigger onTouchesEnded but give me 1 point locate at LB

isn’t this suppose to let me know which point is release?
it is giving me the correct point as i expected with single touch begin and end, but not with 2 finger on the screen.

or its doing the right thing by telling me which button stays. (but this against the theory where single touch occur)

Thanks in advance for solving my puzzle.


unfortunately, multi touch is a weak field for html5 :frowning: :frowning: browsers cannot track which touch are which