SpriteBuilder (cocosbuilder) & CCBReader outdated!

SpriteBuilder (cocosbuilder) & CCBReader outdated!
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Hi guys !

The CCBReader is gonna be updated in next release of cocos2d-x ?


Thx !!!


The CCBReader file format is documented here:

The CCBReader for Cocos2d-x is not updated

CCBReader Class Reference

All those developing on Mac OS with Cocos2d-x, which is large number- have no choice in this regard. Spritebuilder is for Mac/Objective-C whereas Cocostudio is for windows. Is there a Cocostudio Mac expected soon? or can we have CCBReader in cocos2d-x soon?


Done for cocos2d-x (spritebuilder 1.0.6)
Please visit my home page to get newest lib: http://jacos2d-x.org