sprite sheet frame size

sprite sheet frame size
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i have the sprite sheet and the png size is 2048x2048 and the frame size 640x400.
It will have error when the program loading the sprite sheet.

i want to ask the sprite sheet max frame size.


hi, I’m totally sure I saw this on the Wiki, the max texture size for each device. I can’t find it now but if you google you will get it.



i know that.
but i want to know the max frame size about the sprite sheet. The wiki is the sprite sheet size.


it would make sense that the max size of a frame is the size of the sprite sheet… don’t you think?

I’ve loaded sprites much bigger than 640x480. If you are getting an error, maybe is for a different reason, not because of the size.


i don’t know what is wrong.
I have trying use the sprite sheet provide by the cocos2d-x tests project. It is work.
Maybe my sprite sheet is wrong.


maybe your plist is wrong. I use texture packer and have no problems