Sprite Master for Sprite sheet generation

Sprite Master for Sprite sheet generation
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Hi Guys,

Sprite Master application is a sprite sheet generation tool for mac. It generates your sprite sheet with powerful algorithms and generates smallest sprite sheet. Also, it exports coordinate data for you to use in cocos2d projects or other different format (like css, etc).

You can take a look at http://www.mobinodo.com/spritemaster for more information. If you need any additional information about Sprite Master, you can always contact me.

Take care.


Does it work the same as Zwoptex and TexturePacker?


Yes, definitely. It just cheaper. Its all features not implemented yet we are updating it. You can see the features which we will implement at our FAQ page.

Every update will be free. You can also take a look at Videos page to see how it works.

FAQ: http://www.mobinodo.com/spritemaster/faq.html
Videos: http://www.mobinodo.com/spritemaster/videos.html

You can also contact me for other questions, feature requests, etc: http://www.mobinodo.com/spritemaster/contact.php or support@mobinodo.com