Sprite isn't displayed, when CCRectMake is applied!


Hi together,

i’ve got an issue with the CCRectMake: I’m using a simple game with enemies and a player. The Enemys are displayed correctly, so the player. But when I’m the the collisions and I apply

CCSprite *playerSprite = CCSprite::create("Player.png",* CCRectMake(0,0,27,40)* );

the CCRectMake, the Sprite is still in its position, but the graphic isn’t displayed any more. I’ve got the same Code in the enemy part:

CCSprite *target = CCSprite::create("Target.png", 
        CCRectMake(0,0,27,40) );

and here it works. Just tried everything, but this one is horrifying.

Thanks and Greetings

Screenshot 2013-11-07 17.16.05.jpg (137.5 KB)