Sprite bounding box after rotation

Sprite bounding box after rotation
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jan and I’m new in cocos game stuff, and I have one question that bother me for some time now.
I try google it and searching this forum without any luck.

So my problem is about sprite rotation.
When I rotate sprite, it’s bounding box origin sets on wrong position.

For example:
var someSprite … bla, bla initialization.
sprite bounding box: (origin:[x:90, y:84], size:[height:30, width:18])
sprite bounding box: (origin:[x:53, y:109], size:[height:18, width:30])

And at this point sprite bounding box is not covering sprite at all, it cover some region that is located upper left from sprite itself.

Can you help me figure this one out?

Best regards,


Anyone? :frowning:


it is a bug of canvas rendering mode, for now, please use webgl