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I saw a post about Spine in the C++ forum, but didn’t see anything here that was relevant. I’m looking at using it for a JS project of mine, and I’ve written up the config file to add JS bindings. Is this something that would be useful to have in the extensions/ section? If this is something generally useful, I can take a look at adding Spine to the extensions folder and adding the JS bindings as well.


Hi, please refer to https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/tree/develop/extensions/spine

Yes, we didn’t expose spine to JS yet. It’ll be great if you send us a Pull Request of its JS Binding config file. Thanks.


It took me a while to get to it, but I just sent in https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/pull/3004.


It could not be auto merged. Please pull our latest codes and resolve the conflicts.


Updated from develop branch: https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/pull/3022

Also: Is the move to remove the CC prefix something that’s going to be reflected in master soon?


Actually, I just found a problem with this. I’m closing the pull request, and will update it later.

I’m still curious about the removal of the CC prefix in the develop branch, though.