Source Control Help?

Source Control Help?
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I used the script to create projects on the Mac (see

Then I open the Mac project in AppCode (or XCode)

Now I want to add the project(s) to Subversion which is hosted on a server.

I have tried all sorts of methods, and am at the point of despair!

I THINK it is giving problems because of the hierarchy of the project folders (the XCode project file is in the proj.mac folder but the majority of the source I’m editing is in the Classes folder)

the net result is that I just can’t get it to recognise that source has changed and I can’t get it to commit.

Could anyone give me a step-by-step guide on adding my project to subversion?

(I’d use GIT but I know svn a little, and I just want to get source control working so I can get on with developing my game tools.)