Source code or template project for sell

Source code or template project for sell
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We need to buy project source code or game project template for some classic games such as bejeweled or castle denfense or buble shotting etc…

If any of you want to sell your product, please let’s me know here.

Thank you very much!


RubyCell (www rubycell dot com) is my company, our technical department using this account to communicate with cocos-2dx community. If any of you interest with selling your source-code for us please drop an email to our CTO: hung.dmrubycellcom.

Thank you for taking the time to view our thread. I look forward to your response.

Best Regards,
Hung Do Manh

P/S: @Our Forum Administrator, could you create a new sub-forum to post everything that do not relate to cocos2dx or technical aspect? That would be great!


Hi Rubby, I created a subforum for collaboration and move your post here :slight_smile:


i want to buy some source code of game based on cocos2d-x .please contact me with qq:2847793193 i will be happy if you have source code of cocos2d-x card game and contact me.thanks