Sound Effect Bug

Sound Effect Bug
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Hi all,
I Have a issue with SimpleAudioEngine where the sound/sound effects completely stops playing Whenever the game play is interrupted by a phone call or by using Siri. Has anyone encountered this issue before?
Strange thing is that this problem does not occur when we manually put the app to background by pressing the home button.


I have this issue, too. Don’t know why.


I found that replacing all of CocosDenshion files from the one in TestCpp solves this issue. So this might be a issue with the generated template.


Hello Raghu S, can you elaborate on how you solve the problem? I can see only one folder “CocosDenshion” that holds all the files. I don’t see them in “TestCpp”.


I can see only one folder “CocosDenshion” that holds all the files. I don’t see them in “TestCpp”.

What i meant is the Audio related class files used by the TestCpp project. I believe they are found in “CocosDenshion~~>ios" folder. Here’s what i did.

  1. Copy all audio related class files used by the testCpp project. they are found in the "CocosDenshion~~>ios” folder.
  2. Replace the files in your project (found under libs~~>CocosDenshion~~>ios) with the files copied above.


Hey thanks I will try that, firstly I thought they should be in similar. I may run through a diff tool to see what different.


It’s identical to me for both sources. I might wait for official fix. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


Well it worked for me. maybe it is different in the current version. Just check whether the problem exists when you run the TestCpp project.
For me Test project ran without any issues, so i replaced all sound related files and the same worked for me in my project. I did run a diff tool and there were a few changes in the code.

PS: I have not tried this on android.