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Sony Xperia S
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Any ideas on why my Cocos2d HTML5 game is doing weird things such as randomly rotating sprites or crashing. The game is working fine in iPhone, iPad, desktop browsers and new Androids but with the default browser in the Sony Xperia S I’m having this issues.

Thanks and regards.


I have the same problem with Xperia ARC. Maybe is a problem with all sony devices?


It is so strange, I will do a test if I get a device of that model.


Some details of the bugs:

  • The games works lagging a bit in Chrome but crashes unexpectedly in the Android browser.
  • The game used to work in older versions of my code, but rotating sprites. Now it crashes when loading the game.
  • I made a software actualisation and the game worked perfectly the first time I ran it. After that it never worked again.
  • Sometimes the loading screen blinks and then the browser crashes.

I want to emphasise that my game is working fine in other devices, the problem is with Sony Xperias. And I have also realised that with a Sony Xperia Arch the Cocos2d HTML5 Hello World and Test cases are not working.


Ok, after many days I’ve finally found the solution for the Xperia S. My project contains a couple of images with a size around 3 MB, so i deleted the images and the game works. What’s the best way I can check if a device is capable of using big images, so I can use different resources depending on the device.

The issues with the Xperia Arch are still there by the way.