Something wrong with actions

Something wrong with actions
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Hello! I got a console message: “Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method ‘createFramebuffer’”
Does anybody know something about this error?
This error only shows on mobile browser. On desktop browsers runs great.

(The actions starts at : onEnterTransitionDidFinish)

Uncaught TypeError: Object #<CanvasRenderingContext2D> has no method 'createFramebuffer' CCGrabber.js:40 CCGrabber.js:40 Class CCClass.js:177 CCGrid.js:189 cc.Grid3D.create CCGrid.js:470 CCActionGrid.js:120 CCActionGrid.js:49 CCActionInterval.js:267 CCActionInterval.js:269 CCActionInterval.js:108 CCActionManager.js:342 CCScheduler.js:558 CCDirector.js:337 CCDirector.js:1216 callback


I found the bug: cannot use TransitionPageTurn.
Is it possible? Other Transation is works.