Some questions before plunging into lua

Some questions before plunging into lua
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Hi, I’m thinking on using cocos2d-x and lua for my next game and I have some questions for which I couldn’t find answers in the wiki/docs:

  1. Is it common to distribute your game with the lua scripts without compilation/obsfuscation? (don’t know if this can be done, I have no lua experience)

  2. For those using lua in their games: how much lua? only for some parts of the game or do you also use it for setting up scenes/layers/etc? I know I can choose any of those two options, just asking what the majority of people is doing.

  3. Several ports of cocos2d have the js bindings but the lua bindings only exists in the c++ version (as far as I know). What are the plans for lua? Will js be favored and lua support droppped at some point? Or both will continue to exist?


I had the same plan as yours. But the biggest issue in my mind about cocos2d-x and lua is the tools. I have no idea how to debug.



Are the questions too dumb to answer or noone is using the lua bindings?