Some questions about the "Step by Step Cocos2dxSimpleGame Series"!

Some questions about the "Step by Step Cocos2dxSimpleGame Series"!
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First of all, let me thank you for Cocos2D-X. It is a wonderful and interesting game engine. I am new to Cocos2D-X (and Cocos2D in general) so I hope you don’t find my questions stupid :slight_smile: .

Secondly, I have a few notes:
1 - The “Step by Step Cocos2dxSimpleGame Series” seems to be outdated. I created a new “cocos2d-x project with multi-platforms” as detailed here ( Everything went right and I was able to create and execute the project. However, following the “Step by Step Cocos2dxSimpleGame Series”, I found that there are changes that are not reflected in the tutorial. For example, the tutorial refers to a class called HelloWorldScene.cpp. I found no such class (in the win32 VS solution). Actually, I suffered in order to find where I can alter the “Hello World” screen until I found that I should edit the JS script called “myApp.js” under “\MyGame\Resources\src”. So, is the tutorial really outdated or am I doing something wrong?

2 - I thought that the projects created by the script will be pure C++. I find it strange to create myApp.js by default. So, don’t I have the option to write pure C++ without any scripting starting from Cocos2D-X 3.x? Of course I know it is nearly impossible to write a game without scripting but I just wanted to know.

3 - I came to Cocos2D-X with the intention to work on the engine itself rather than develop games using it. I am much more interested in engine development than game development. I am currently working as a game programmer using mainly C++, C#, and Unity. I wanted to work on Cocos2D-X and help implementing new features. Maybe I can start helping by collaborating on enhanced documentation and tutorials to make it more easier for new comers? I hope I can join the development team so please tell me how I can help.