some question about lua and android.

some question about lua and android.
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I’m using cocos2dx-lua for coding an android launcher recently,
a question here, I wanna use an android API to get the package information from the phone,
but I don’t know how to use the API in cocos2dx-lua, or write a class in android-java, then call it in cocos2dx-lua.
Please give me some details, thanks very much


I find the LuaJava lib can achieve my goal, the environment in java already build,
but I don’t known how to use it in lua, when I call luajava there always a nil value noticed.


Finally, I give up using LuaJava.
I write a test class in java, used android API to create a dialog,
then I just use cocos JniHelper::getStaticMethodInfo to find the class which I build in java,
then write a class in c++, use CCLuaEngine lua_register to register the class you will called in lua,
and then haha~ many thens, so complicate, called the method in your lua code, it works.