[Solved] Using cocos2d-x inside Qt window



i’m interested in developing some tools to speed up development in cocos2dx in Qt and found these:


I have tried them and got a lot of compiler errors trying to get them to work (in windows).
Does anyone have been able to use any of this ports?

I think i’ve read somewhere over the forum that the qt port would merge into the master branch. Is that going to happen?

EDIT: I’ve finally made it with the first option (needed to copy libraries to output directory or instant crash at startup).
It would be awesome to get it to version 2.0.2 and merged into the official master branch as it seems to work flawlessly!
If anyone runs into trouble with it don’t hesitate to ask.

Xavier Arias


Could you describe in more detail what you did in order to start?
Cocos2d-x - which version used to run?
What version Qt?