[solved] SpriteBatchNode.extend not binding

[solved] SpriteBatchNode.extend not binding
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SpriteBatchNode is really helpful on performance on HTML5 version.
However the native JSB doesn’t support SpriteBatchNode.extend?
First i got the error says TypeError: cc.SpriteBatchNode.extend is not a function
and then i add cc.SpriteBatchNode.extend = cc.Class.extend; to jsb_cocos2d.js
the game runs under iPad simulator but once it arrive the scene with spritebatchnode.
it crash out on the draw section.

it is under cocos-x 2.2
is this feature plan to be put in in the future?
or i have to change to redesign of all my cc.SpriteBatchNode.extend to Node.extend. and create BatchNode manually?

give up to extend SpriteBatchNode
do a cc.Node.extend and add the SpriteBatchNode as child


Good Job!