[SOLVED] Layer update

[SOLVED] Layer update
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Hi All,

Is there a method on a layer which is called every frame? Basically I want to have an update method on my layer that gets called each frame tick so I can do update stuff.

I noticed there is an update function but when overriding it in my layer it never gets called.



Ok I have added my owner scheduler to the layer. I believe I am running at 50 fps.

    this.schedule(this.update, 0.02);

Could someone confirm if this is best way of handling what I am looking for or is there a method already present?




If you want to called every frame, calling this.scheduleUpdate is better than calling this.schedule(this.update, 0.02);

Please note the performance in the “update” function carefully, because it will be called every frame.

Hopes to help.


Thanks David that works like a charm.