[solved] GLNode undefined error

[solved] GLNode undefined error
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  1. I create project with create_project.py with jsb

  2. I create ccb project for this project

  3. I publish files

  4. Import libcocos2dx and created project to eclipse

  5. Add ndk root and path to published-android to build_native.sh

  6. Project compiles but after run I have following error:

    jsb_cocos2d_extension.js:163:TypeError: cc.GLNode is undefined

Both on ios and android. Both on cocos2dx jsb 2.1.3 and 2.1.4. CocosBuilder 3.0 alpha 5.


Please check whether there are these code in your AppDelegate.cpp

#include "jsb_opengl_registration.h"



Thank you very much! James, you’re great!
Really thanks for your help and I appreciate it.
You help everytime, even if my questions are a little bit stupid :wink:
My app works like a charm.