a c++ client that doesn't use the Boost libraries a c++ client that doesn't use the Boost libraries
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I am happy to share a project that will hopefully help out developers looking for a c**/native solution that does not depend on the Boost libraries but instead uses poco c** libraries @

Project Page:
Usage: can be found in the README on Github

This repo uses the websocket transport and other features of the Poco C++ libraries at, which are very easy to use and understand, have been tested on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Win32, Linux et al), and leave a very small footprint in deployment (my Android test client is no more than 1.5MB).

Some features are still to be implemented (endpoints, et al), but the solution is working for basic connections from a native app. I also plan to include JSBinding capabilities once I find the time.

Enjoy, and I welcome any feedback!

Socket.IO Extention Update - 1.x working with 0.9.x backwards compat

Poco is perfect:)


is this working for socketio 1.0? I tried the SocketIOTest.cpp, and it fails to connect