Small issue...

Small issue...
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I have this issue which i call the Black Screen of Death.

When i scale in Android any element to less than a screen proportion, example:
320x240, scale 0.51
640x480, scale 0,3333

The elements inside that node completely disappear and render blank, so if i scale the entire map level
the game totally stops working.

It seems that i can walk around the issue by setting the scale initially at 1.0f and then setup a CCScaleTo whatever scale i need.

Is this something i am doing wrong?



I try to modify the HelloWorld (480x320 sprite), add

pSprite->setScale(0.51);  // also I try setScale(0.3333)

It looks well on my DesireS.

Can you paste a little of your code, so I can help you to find the problem?