Skipping: android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS. Will sdkboxplay work without this?



I am using the plugin called, sdkboxplay. Leaderboards and achievements.

I would like to skip adding the following permission to the android manifest:

Will this cause serious runtime errors on some or all systems?

I am only using leaderboards and achievements. Showing them and sending scores to the leaderboards.

Users might get scared when they have to “share their identity”.


No, u need to sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::signin();, then
If connection is successful, you’ll be able to use the SdkboxPlay services with the following API:

void submitScore(   const std::string& leaderboard_name, long score )

The signin needs the android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission.


Will sdkbox do the runtime permission check, if targetSDK is 23+ or do the dev do this? My question is for Nov 2018, when all apps need to have targetSDK 26+ if they want to update the games in PlayStore.