Skeletal Animation: Cocos Studio 2.3.2 - Cocos2d-x 3.7.1

Is there any sample code that demonstrates how to create skeletal animations using BoneNode and SkeletonNode with a .csb file in c++? Skeletal animations were just added to Cocos Studio 2.3.2. and Cocos2d-x 3.7.1 is supposed to support it. I just don’t know how to do it.

+1 definitely need such examples of code.

No one has been able to figure this out yet?

Here is some sample code.

Yep. Do you have any question about it?

No I figured it out after I looked at the sample code. Thanks again.

I finally made it work like this:

auto node = mLayerGame->getChildByName("PlayerSkeleton");
cocostudio::timeline::ActionTimeline* action = CSLoader::createTimeline("PlayerSkeleton.csb");


Still have a pair of doubts, but at least I can move on!

  • What is the difference between Armature and ActionTimeline? I thought Armature was for bone-based animations, and ActionTimeline just animating a generic cocos scene.

  • Isn’t any way to get it all from the scene? I couldn’t load the ActionTimeline even though it is the “same” as the node to which the action is applied.

Thank you!

Original post:

But this is ActionTimeline, not Armature, so no bones…? I was looking at this class:


But I can’t make it work on my project. As my project is C++ and I created the skeletal animation with Cocos Studio, I was looking for an example of just seeking the skeleton node inside the scene and use it, but there aren’t examples like this. The closest one is this:

// load from binary

m_armature = Armature::create(m_armatureNames[0]);
m_armature->getAnimation()->playWithIndex(0); <- CRASH (BAD_ACCESS)

m_armature->setPosition(VisibleRect::center().x, VisibleRect::center().y);

Making the changes I need for my project (such as substituting the m_armatureNames variable with the name of my csb file), it crashes when I try to do anything with the animation.

If I drag and drop the skeletal animation inside a scene in Cocos Studio, it spawns as a node and seems to work, but then at code I look for it by name and cast it to cocostudio::Armature and use like this:

auto skeleton = scene->getChildByName<cocostudio::Armature*>("PlayerSkeleton");

skeleton->getAnimation()->playWithIndex(0); <- CRASH (BAD_ACCESS)

What I am supposed to do? :confused:

Anyone, please? @zhangxm

I still don’t get which is the difference between Armature and ActionTimeLine. I saw cpp-tests for both classes and Armature seems to be the one to choose (better performance, smooth transition between different animations, bone access from C++ code, etc.) but as I said on my previous message, using Armature class results in a crash (BAD_ACCESS). I managed to make it work with the ActionTimeLine class, but it lacks some features as I said before.