Simulated Portrait Orientation

Simulated Portrait Orientation
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Is there any possibilities to have a some kind of simulated portrait orientation for the win32 build. Its a bit troublesome if your gonna make a iphone game which is in portrait orientation.
Or what is the common solution for this?


You can simply modify the window width & height in AppDelegate.cpp, AppDelegate::initInstance() method.


        // Initialize OpenGLView instance, that release by CCDirector when application terminate.
        // The HelloWorld is designed as HVGA.
        CCEGLView * pMainWnd = new CCEGLView();
        CC_BREAK_IF(! pMainWnd
            || ! pMainWnd->Create(TEXT("cocos2d: Hello World"), 480, 320)); 

#endif  // CC_PLATFORM_WIN32

change it to

pMainWnd->Create(TEXT("cocos2d: MyGame"), 320, 480); // or 480, 800