should i shift from cocos2d to cocos2d-x?

should i shift from cocos2d to cocos2d-x?
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iphone developer. And had just started to follow some articles on cocos2d for iPhone and got to know about this cocos2d-x. Now, i have a serious doubt about what to go on with. should i now shift to learning cocos2dx? Or do i require to know cocos2d properly first?? m in some serious confusion. Please help!


Depends on your target and knowledge.
If you only target on iOS dev, cocos2d-iphone would be fine. It integrate with the iOS SDK better.
If you target on both iOS & android, cocos2d-x is better. But cocos2d-x requires c++ background, and migrating the source between different platforms.


okay, i do know c*+ but does cocos2d-x require anything from cocos2d-iphone or just c*+ would be fine??


Learning cocos2d-x is as easy as cocos2d-iphone. Learning either of them, the knowledge can share between these 2 frameworks.
You don’t need to know cocos2d-iphone before, c++ and basic xcode usage is enough.


in fact, cocos2d-x is a complete engine for a game, you know just c++ would be fine.


oky thanks a ton!