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[Share] Cocos JSB Lab
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I spent some time today to sort out some of my recent work related to JSB and created a site for displaying them:

Some projects:

All the projects will be uploaded to github and will have a live demo that you can play online :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, check out: http://www.supersuraccoon-cocos2d.com/CocosJSBLab/CocosJSBLab-HTML5/


Great samples! I’m particularly interested in the shape recognition one since it’ll be useful for a little project I’m working on right now :smiley:

Also, there’s some interesting stuff in your blog!

Additional feedback:
.Sometimes the “LIVE DEMO” button does nothing the first times it’s pressed for a particular demo
.I got a pop-up saying “running scene should be _null!” when trying to use the CLILayer demo (it seemed to work fine tho’)
.That book of yours could really use an index page xD