setting up cocos2dx in eclipse

setting up cocos2dx in eclipse
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hey guys i need your help?
i am using cocos2dx2.2.2.
i have successfully created the the project for android but i dont know how to import it in eclipse.
i am using kepler version of eclipse.
the tutorials i get is for the older version of cocos2dx and not for the newer versions.

can any1 help me in running my android project on eclipse n importing all the libraries and all.
i would really appreciate your help.
can any1 give any tutorials link or some video or any idea.
thank you in advance


I think you can refer to this document, though folder structure is changed.

The differences are:

v3.0 v2.2
cocos/2d/platform/android/java cocos2dx/platform/android/java
tests/cpp-tests/ samples/Cpp/TestCpp/