setPosition Flicker on endless parallax scrolling

setPosition Flicker on endless parallax scrolling
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I am having a flicker problem in my custom parallax system.
The method is having 2 same seamless image in a row.
When the one image is offscreen, I set the position with setPosition beside the other image.

It have artifact on the seam, but it easily solved by overlaping 1 pixel.
But the flickering occurs when the image reset its position.
I have tried to set the visible false then set the position, but it didnt solved the flicker.


Same problem facing here…anybody have a solution…

Thanks with anticaption…


I have this problem too.

Anyone ?



Flicker only happen when i use 1/30 fps. But it smooth enough when in 1/60 fps.
But, not all device will run 1/60 fps.

How to handle the movement to avoid the flickering happens ?

Thank you…