setContentScaleFactor messing with CCLabelAtlas



I´m using setContentScaleFactor in my game, but this is messing with CCLabelAtlas.

If I don´t use setContenteScaleFactor, the label is correctly presented.

If I use it (with 0.5 for example), the label is incorrect, looks like the texture is scaled by 2, but presented in a smaller rectangle, so it appears clipped.

Any suggestions?




I think all you need is to use setScale(), and not setContentScaleFactor.


no, the label is scaled, but with the incorrect mapping in the texture.


Well, this worked, but I don´t know if is the best solution:

CCLabelAtlas::create(“000”, “digits_30.png”, 30/CC_CONTENT_SCALE_FACTOR(), 50/CC_CONTENT_SCALE_FACTOR(), ‘.’);