Servel problems about creating linux&android project

Servel problems about creating linux&android project
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First of all,I notify that my cocos2d-x library was pulled from git at 2012-01-02.
When I created a linux&android project and ran it on Ubuntu 11.10,I found that the program couldn’t find images.Then I checked the path,the images are in Resources but not the Resource.And the code in $COCOS2DX/template/android/
mkdir $APP_DIR Resources

for file in $HELLOWORLD_ROOT/Resource/*
    cp $file $APP_DIR Resources


But the generated AppDelegate.cpp has the following code:

    // Initialize OpenGLView instance, that release by CCDirector when application terminate.
    // The HelloWorld is designed as HVGA.
    CCEGLView * pMainWnd = new CCEGLView();
    CC_BREAK_IF(! pMainWnd
            || ! pMainWnd->Create("cocos2d: Hello World", 800, 480,480, 320));



See the directory setting,they’re not same(Resource vs Resources).Easy to fix.

Other one,no Makefile in $PAOJECT/Linux/ ,I have to copy it from tests.

But the way,in file,line 54:
echo "Now cocos2d-x suppurts Android 2.1-update1, 2.2, 2.3 & 3.0"

Obviously,suppurts should be supports.Of course this is not important.But fixing it would be better,anyway.

The image below shows the problem,but the middle one shows the Classes but not the Resource,that’s my mistake.And I do not know how to modify it.

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