SERIOUS issue in RC0 with jsbinding.

SERIOUS issue in RC0 with jsbinding.
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I filed as bug report at

The reason for this bug is kinda tricky.
director.getGLView() returns a pointer to GLView, which multi-inherits Ref and GLViewProtocol. Neither parent class is pure virtual, and as a result when you C-cast to GLViewProtocol, the result should not be a simple reinterpretation of the pointer, since the memory layout of GLViewProtocol is not 0 offset from GLView pointer. This appears to be quite SERIOUS and a mistake that should not be made in decent C++. Any call to s cc.director.getGLView().* will fault or do nothing. Please fix asap.

PS. Since 2dx extensively employs multiple inheritance, a thorough code review should be done to avoid this issue in other places.