Sequentially moving two different sprites

Sequentially moving two different sprites
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Please answer these questions to help fix this issue:
What’s the issue? not behaving as expected
What’s the engine version? 2.2.2
How to reproduce it? The following code is an example of

Hoping someone can help me here. I am attempting to sequentially runAction on two sprites. If I remove hand.setScale the same result occurs as the code below, i.e. the sprite covers the entire screen (800x600). hand sprite is 13px x 12px. If modify the setScale to (0.5) the sprite hand doesn’t display at all. If I declare and set the hand sprite in the main function just below the declaration of the splat sprite and then in the wipe_splat function set the visibility of hand to true this doesn’t display the sprite either. Eventually I want to move the hand sprite across the screen. For now however I am simply trying to display it.

var introEffect = function (layer)
var splat = cc.Sprite.create(res.splat_img);
splat.setPosition(399, 299); // (screen dimenstion - object dimension) / 2
layer.addChild(splat, 3, 4);
splat.runAction(cc.Sequence.create(cc.ScaleTo.create(0.25, 401, 301), cc.EaseIn.create(cc.Spawn.create(cc.MoveTo.create(6, cc.p(400, 100)),cc.FadeTo.create(6, 225)), 5), cc.CallFunc.create(this.wipeSplat, this)));

function wipeSplat(layer)
var hand = cc.Sprite.create(res.hand_img);
hand.setPosition(25, 25);
layer.addChild(hand, 4, 5);


I have been able to solve this issue with ActionInterval