Send email from cocos2dx android

Send email from cocos2dx android
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I have developed a game in cocos2dx. Now i need to send email from this game in android.

Can anyone guide me how can i do this, any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance


You need a webserver to send email.
you can setup an external server running server side script like PHP, then you game can connect to your server and tell it to send email

alternatively, you could send email like method described here



I just need to draft a email with TO, SUBJECT, BODY fields from game developed in cocos2dx.

There are linksnto fb, twitter and email innlevel win screen, i have implemented url using wrapper class.

I don’t need a server i guess.

Is there not any wrapper class that i can use ?


there are various wrapper in the link i provided, I have not tried them, but you should check them out


there is some cocos2d-x mail sending there:



That was of no use to me. i finally had to create the wrapper class and do it

Below is the link, just follow the steps and its done



Did an update here for v3.4: