SDKBOX live OPS instruction wrong?

SDKBOX live OPS instruction wrong?


already done ))) only one thing i’m not sure is “enable production mode” flag in the liveops config

it was checked ON then issue is happened
both android and ios apps is marked LIVE


iap items is null?


nope! they are not a null (configured correctly and all apple stuff like contracts is ok) and purchase complete from apple side (they even charge a money), but instead of onSuccess listener call onFailure with log: IAP :Server validation: not authenticated

may be it’s a problem with application token


i can’t reproduce.

for now, you can disable verification


and we will review this part code


Hi everyone! any solution for @serjdawg problem with IAP :Server validation: not authenticated?
I recently opened this thread for this but i didn´t get any solution yet…