SDKBOX Ideas & Requests

SDKBOX Ideas & Requests


Like doing survey in your game?


Good call, we have those internally, will find a way to publish them


Pollfish has apis designed for games(Corona SDK integrated recently). I am pretty sure, it won’t be 100 questions which you can’t finish ever and I hope would be intelligent enough to know this that it’s a game and not survey app.

Also, REWARD for watching videos are there, similarly REWARDS for filling 5-10 question survey can also be there! Believe me, ppl like being asked questions(not extremely random though). And it is a bit better than watching 1 min. REWARD videos… where 5 ques survey can be filled in lesser time depending upon questions.


add multiplayer in sdkbox play using google play game services.


I wish if we can have that. I am not a backend guy and don’t want to go in complexity of latency, etc and want to focus on game part more, rather than server and abaaca dubabo things :smiley:

I also requested this feature. +100 for multiplayer with Google Play Services.
Cocos2d-x games can really gain more attractions with this plugin. :kissing_heart:


Can we get more information for IAP?
Like orderId


Having a multiplayer SDKBOX plugin would be very beneficial for many. That is a great suggestion @watermelonlab and @catch_up


For multiplayer, Photon Engine has some of the best resources out there. They also already list cocos-2dx as supported on their website.


what about adding getRank functionality to SDKBOX Play?


Great suggestion


getPlayerCenteredScores will return rank info, can you use this api?


do you need different features for getRank?


what about to add message string or error code to IAPListener::onInitialized. We have a lot of failed init’s on Android with SDKBOX IAP, but can’t understand what is really wrong.

SDKBox support CMake

could you plz email me the Raw Text log.

and track issue here.



My 5 coins for improving SDKBOX:

  1. support CMake (cocos2d 3.17.1 now uses CMake by default)
  2. place sdkbox lib in one place
    currently it seems each plugin has own copy of sdkbox lib:
  1. don’t copy sdkbox plugins files to project.
    Maybe this not possible for iOS but possible for android because I’m doing this and can share my experience if you want.


nice suggestion. let me checkout cocos2d-x 3.17.1.

I will think about it.

When multi-person collaboration projects, it is a good idea to include all the files in the project.


2019-01-02 for CMake:

do some researching and a manually integrate SDKBox bugfix


In order to better track feature request, we have a vote system:

developers can create a new request and vote for it.