SDKBOX Ideas & Requests

SDKBOX Ideas & Requests



IAP can only use to sell virtual/digital goods.

I’m trying to sell physical goods which can’t use IAP, so i need to use Paypal.

Here are some references, i don’t think is against Apple’s policy.
11.3 Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the App will be rejected

Thank you.


Oh I see, that’s the use case



Will SDKBOX add external payment method?



It would be cool if there was a possibility to retrieve user’s best score in SdkboxPlay.


Please add the ability to retrieve achievements and leaderboard information from the Play APIs, rather than only submission. I would be happy to help add the functionality. If you give me read-only access to your repositories, I will fork and make a pull request. My github username is metsfan.


We’re working on it


Do you have an ETA? I don’t mean to push, and I understand the complexities involved, but I have a deadline and I need to know if I should implement my own solution or wait for you guys to push out a new release. In terms of timeline, are you looking at weeks, or months? As I’ve said, I have no problem digging in and helping with the development effort, but I need to have some idea in order to complete my project on time. Thank you for the quick reply and I’m sorry if I am being too pushy :smile:


I think we should have these features in two weeks.


Great! Thank you so much for your quick replies, and of course your great work on this project.


I would find it very useful if I could refresh AdMob banner ads manually. My case is that games will be short and expect to only have a few seconds to display banners before the player restarts. As it is the ad only gets refreshed if the banner happens to be showing when the scheduled update times out. It would be nice to be able to show a different ad if the currently cached one has already been displayed 3 or four times.


It would be great if SDKBOX is integrated into Cocos Creator.


Hi sdkbox devs,

Could you make all the sdkbox listener functions pure virtual?
As you provide an automatic way to update sdkbox, after each update we can miss an updated or added new function (as for me i check all the sdkbox headers each time which is such a time waste)
If you declare all listener functions as pure virtual it would make the compilation fail in theses cases so it’s an automatic way to notify the sdkbox users that a listener function has been updated/added…



Thanks for the note. we’ll update the listeners that’s a must have to pure virtual


sdkbox on iOS warns that the google admob sdk for ios is not up to date (the version 7.7.0 used by sdkbox 2.2.4 is 5 months old), can you update it? :

the log produced by sdkbox :

<Google:HTML> You are currently using version 7.7.0 of the SDK. Please consider updating your SDK to the most recent SDK version to get the latest features and bug fixes. The latest SDK can be downloaded from A full list of release notes is available at

Thank you!


still not up to date in sdkbox 2.2.5 .


Unfortunately the admob update missed the 2.2.5 release window, we’ll release the updated version with our next release.



Just a suggestion

How about implementing a method like this:

bool sdkbox::PluginName::isPluginEnabled()

Thus, we could make difference if an AD is still preloading or if it won’t show ever and switch to another network in an easier way.

Method could return false too if init() failed (due a bad json format, bad app/AD ID, …).



Very good suggestion


Does anyone use survey based medium for revenue?
Like . May be this could be a part of SDKBOX.


What about getting a more detailed Changelog page? Adding release date with release title would be nice, and having somewhere a list of all SDK versions of latest SDKBOX would we awesome.

Right now, I’m using 2.3.1 and have no idea of which admob, gps or charboost version i’m using. I need to dive into changelogs for text similar to ‘updated XYZ SDK to latest version’ and try to find a post on forum for that release, to get an idea of the release date and try to figure if it’s old or not :frowning: