SDKBOX Ideas & Requests

SDKBOX Ideas & Requests


Allow user to change the UI look and feel of Review Plugin like a button color , background color or sort of thing.



I’ve a request for the new AdMob sdkbox plugin :slight_smile:
I use it to show banner with auto size (and it works) but i need to retrieve the width and the height of the displayed banner (my game’s frame shall be resized on the remaining space).

Thank you!


Well, my request is to have the getSize of a banner on inmobi sdkbox plugin as well :slight_smile:


Hello @klems

We have added this to our task.
Any update on this will be reported to you.

Thanks for your feedback… :smile:



I tried, it works great!!


Hi @pabitrapadhy,

Yep i confirmed it works on admob :smile:
Can you add the same functions on inmobi plugin please?
Thank you so much for all your hard work!


Put Drive and Plus back into your Google Play Services implementation i.e gps.jar file.


my 5 cents: add possibility to get information about Authenticated player like his Name, UserID that store at Apple and Google play stores
this help us to create multiplayer games without third party implementations to identify players.


There is a gps.jar.full that contains the full gps service.


Where is this gps.jar.full file? I see a google-play-services.jar.full in the libs directory, is this what you mean?


yup that’s it


I’ll try this when I get a chance thanks :smile:. Any eta on GPS Multiplayer stuff?


It would be nice to include ad networks that are not advertising other games. Variety is one of several reasons. Here are 2 options I know of:




I have a request for SDKBOXPlay, please add support for Cloud Save :grin:



I would like to request payment system like Paypal on SDKBOX.

Thank you.


You mean paypal for pc/mac platform?


great idea.



I mean Paypal for iOS and Android.
I would like to use with Cocos2d-JS.


That is wonderful idea. What else payment mode is possible for in-app purchase things?
Can someone please tell.


I thought use third party payment on iOS is against Apple’s policy.