SDKBOX AdMob has interstitial but nothing is shown. (After skipping Video Interstitial)


Posting this here as I don’t know whether github or this has more visibility:

In our app we have some code that runs if you have an available interstitial. Usually this code works fine. But sometimes it claims that an ad is available, but nothing shows.

SDKBOX Version: v1.0.1.26
SDKBOX Admob version: v2.3.17.3

if(sdkbox::PluginAdMob::isAvailable(“interstitial”)) {
sdkbox::PluginAdMob::show(“interstitial”); <- shows the ad.
This code will work most of the time, but sometimes isAvailable will return true, yet show(“interstitial”) will not trigger any of the callbacks, nor will it show the interstitial.

This happens as soon as the user has seen and skipped a Video Interstitial. (Not the video reward! A normal video interstitial).

So to reproduce:

1.) Create an interstitial adId.
2.) Check if it is available in the code
3.) Show interstitial
4.) If the interstitial is a Video interstitial, press the skip button in the bottom right.
5.) Interstitials will no longer show.


Good case.
Thanks for your steps, I will check it.