SDKBOX 2.2.2 Released

SDKBOX 2.2.2 Released


when team write like SdkBox 2.2.2 Released they exactly mean Plugins with version x.y.z Released


Btw, I found it in the SDKBOX.h !! Thanks for reply


Regarding SDKBOX

Admob will automatically cache ads.

It is wrong choice, user should handle itself preloading ads as he knows better when best time to preload ads(hope this is optional) What about smart banner support?


looks like PluginSdkboxPlay has missed headers for iOS, empty folder PluginSdkboxPlay.framework/Headers


play plugin has wrong documentation, there is documented getUserId, but there is only getPlayerId


Thanks for the feedback, we updated the API reference.


A few things about the thread:

  • the getUserId method in the documentation is wrong. It must say getPlayerId. The API reference shows that though.
  • About ‘show all leaderboards’. iOS, has a view where all leaderboards show up, regardless the name you suggest. This is not the case for Android, which requires either empty string, no parameter or “__ALL__” to show an activity with all leaderboards.
  • On ios you must have submitted any score to a leaderboard before being able to select it from the displayed UI.
  • Apart from getPlayerId, we have added another method: getPlayerAccountField which can offer extra logged-in user account info. For both, ios and android, you could query the following fields: display_name, name and player_id. for Android only, some extra fields could be queried: title, icon_image_uri, hires_image_uri, last_play_timestamp and retrieved_timestamp.
  • About ios framework w/o header files, we are looking into it. We got no error on the automatic build process.
  • About the arabic thing. No idea. On ios, you must set a language for each leaderboard. In our example, we get english content. Could you double check and let us know if you don’t get the right language ?

thanks for all the valuable feedback.


Thanks for pointing out the error in documentation, we have corrected it:

As for missing headers for iOS, I just checked and our standard sample did not have this issue; it might be due to 1) manual integration 2) outdated sample/plug-in version. Please download our standard sample to get the missing file

Thanks, Ryan


Hello, thanks for the response Ibon! Based on your response for ‘showAllLeaderboards’ I want to confirm that the current accepted practice is to ‘showLeaderboard’ with an empty string on Android, versus on iOS where you ‘showLeaderboard’ with any of the leaderboard names.


Hello everyone, many of the issues have been resolved. However, there is now the problem that when the user signs into the app and closes the app, they do not stay signed in. Maybe there is something wrong with the way we are using it, can someone please help out?


thanks for reply, before use sdkbox play i import that plugin, maybe it is wrong installation, but any way i just copied missed files and all works great :v:


Please any help with above problems?


So sdkbox play was automatically login for user once they logged in before, we change the behavior because of some misunderstanding, we’ll look into this and update it with our next release.


Hi nite,

Please how can I emulate the behavior of staying logged in? I don’t understand js-bindings and it seems most of source is contained in jar. When is next release?


Facing an issue with the simulator while testing sdkboxads.

Part of the config is here:

"SdkboxAds": {
        "debug": true, 
        "units": [
        "placements": [
                "units": [
                        "weight": 40,
                        "name": "Default", 
                        "unit": "Chartboost"
                        "weight": 60,
                        "name": "video", 
                        "unit": "Vungle"
                "id": "placement-1", 
                "strategy": "weight"
                "units": [
                        "name": "reward", 
                        "unit": "Vungle"
                        "name": "Level Complete", 
                        "unit": "Chartboost"
                "id": "placement-2", 
                "strategy": "round-robin"

Chartboost and Vungle are also configured in the configuration file.
None of the below calls show an ad:

sdkbox::PluginSdkboxAds::playAd("Vungle", "video");
sdkbox::PluginSdkboxAds::playAd("Chartboost", "Default");


Not sure which one logic now in use in google play sdk, but I will prefer to manually control when user should be logged in to google play services.


We have mixed audience so we need the behavior where we have sign in button before logging in but every time after that it shows leaderboard and achievements. So sign in once manually and stay logged in. Maybe provide separate function to check if already logged in?


So the login behavior will be like this

  1. first time user: they need to click the login button and choose which account to login
  2. user has logged in before, automatically login with their previous account
  3. user logged out, they’ll need to go through the account selection step again.


Dose the sample work for you?


Sorry to be nagging but when is this functionality planned to release? We need it soon. ALSO: there is a bug when you minimize the android game and come back, it will repeatedly ask you to google play login :confused: