Script error during new project wizard cocos2d-x

Script error during new project wizard cocos2d-x
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Hey , i’m new to app developing and I tring to install the cocos2d-x on my laptop win7.

I did the steps described on the user guide but when I try to open new cocos2d-x project i get 3 windows
one after another saying script error on URLS:
MVSC/… / 1033 / Script.js
MVSC/… / 1033 / Common.js
cocos2d-x / … / 1033 / default.html

Is there a way to fix this manualy?

Thank you in advance.


Make sure don’t move Cocos2d-x source code after run the InstallProjectTempletes_MSVC.bat script, or re-install the project templetes after move source code.

In the other hand, make sure there’s no black space and multi-bytes words in the cocos2d-x source path.

If the problem exist yet, more information is helpful for resolve the it, such as a snapshot when the error occured.


I’ve met the same problem and here it is the snapshot:


Did you get this fixed? If so, how did you do it? I’m having the same problem.