Screen freezes and not update when tested on gecko-based browser

Screen freezes and not update when tested on gecko-based browser
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My game is based on alpha version 2. Whenever I tested it on firefox, and as a normal desktop app under “xulrunner” I see a screen freezes and not update.
The problem is like the screen stops and not update, but sounds or activities still go on, and we can interact with them. It seems like it happens only with gecko-based engine with a very random machine running it no matter how high the performance.

I also tried with a latest source of cocos2d-html5 from github yesterday by porting some portion of my game against that version of framework, I still faced the problem as I tested on my iMac mid 2011 with firefox browser version 14.0.1. One note is that I don’t experience this problem when using alpha version 2 testing on the same machine and firefox browser version. This randomness also applies to xulrunner as well.

You can try the game here, the game will scale according to your current browser’s screen resolution but also adhere its proportion.
If you enter the game, it will load and you will reach a mainmenu screen.

Button 1 > is unavailable now.
Button 2
> Go into the game (this is the problem occurs). I use a couple of actions running (1-2) running at the same time then trigger another to happen via CallFunc action for the game’s intro scene. I believe it’s a point of problem.
Button 3 -> A simple scene, the problem doesn’t occur.

Any suggestions or helps would be aprpeciate. Thanks so much guys.

  • Updated question with more information.


I have tried to remove code which uses “action” but it still happen.


I’ve tested on Windows 7 Professional, version 6.0 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1), it’s a Samsung Intel Atom Netbook, and with 14.0.1 Firefox browser to my game link above and a test case of alpha version 2 at, both give out the similar result as the screen freezes and not update.
This problem is really random in nature. I knew that there’s a pretty higher in performance system HP notebook also faced this kind of problem.


My current solution is to use to package my game and distribute it to major platform.
As tested, I believe webkit-based engine is best suitable with cocos2d-html5 framework. I try to avoid gecko-based engine at all case as it’s pretty random to break.

I tested with node-webkit on Mac OS X to run MoonWarrior, my game on local package (via local file access), and on web server on the Internet. All runs smoothly and pretty good.


I have tested it in FireFox 14.0.1 on MAC, but I can not reproduce the issue.

I will test it in more platforms.


Thanks Shun Lin, it’s pretty much random in system running the game.


Shun Lin, this problem is solved by changing a parameter in ScaleTo action class, please take a look for more information here
Thanks !

Updated: It’s similar in situation I faced comparing to the guy posted in the link.