Scene Transitions

Scene Transitions
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Can anyone give me a quick intro/tutorial on how to use cc.TransitionCrossFade for scene transitions.
At the moment I am just using cc.Direction.sharedDirector.replaceScene(newScene) to switch and I am not sure how to integrate the two.



there are samples provided in tests/classes/tests/transitionTest



From what I understand from the samples…I have come up with this for a scene transition.

cc.Director.sharedDirector().replaceScene(cc.TransitionCrossFade.create(0.5, newScene);

newScene extends cc.Layer, but I still get an error while running of:
“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘setAnchorPoint’ of null” in CCTransition.js
on line: 1427

inTexture.getSprite().setAnchorPoint(cc.ccp(0.5, 0.5));

Other transitions seem to work fine, except that one!


cc.TransitionCrossFade is not complete.

We will finish it soon.


Fair enough, no worries =D