Scene only runs once for each install

Scene only runs once for each install
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I have a game and it works fine except for one scene - the intro scene.

When I run the game, the intro scene loads and from there I go to the other scenes and play, but if I quit the game and try to reload it it doesn’t load the intro scene! Same if I try to return to the intro scene in-game, it doesn’t load.

A more accurate description is that the sprites themselves don’t load, as a trace inside ccTouchesBegan() method is displayed.

The thing is, if I load the scene then immediately quit-reload before doing anything else it runs again. Even if I click one of the buttons which shows a second menu (within the same scene) it can be reloaded again as well.

However if I show a third menu it stops running. I traced the problem in code but the third menu uses the exact same code to load as the second one!

Has anyone ever ran into something like this before?



Sorry, i can not catch up you from your description.