Scaling plist animation files on Android to every display dimension

Scaling plist animation files on Android to every display dimension
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I use CocosBuilder and generating assets for multiple platforms and dimensions is great.
Animations atlases and plist files I generate with TexturePacker for ipadhd, hd and normal size.
But I can’t keep them in resources-auto directory, because CocosBuilder don’t know how to publish (scale) plist files and CCB crashes. So these files I store in folder up. After that, every image file is copied to Published-Android and next it is copied to In this case I have following folder structure in

|- resources-large/
|- resources-medium/
|- resources-small/
|- atlases and plist files

So Android can’t recognize which plist file(normal, ~~hd,~~ipadhd) match to good dimension. I can manually place exact files to exact folders and manually rename it, but do you know how to automate it in nice way?


We should place right files into right resources folder.
For example:

We have 2 size of sprite atlases generated with TexturePacker:
frames-hd.plist and frames-hd.png
frames-medium.plist and frames-medium.png

In our game we read frames from file “frames.plist”. So in resources-large should be frames-hd.plist file and frames-hd.png. Next we rename frames-hd.plist to frames.plist (but don’t rename frames-hd.png file).
In resources-medium should be frames-medium.plist renamed to frames.plist and not renamed frames-medium.png.
It works for me :slight_smile: