Scaling issue on iOS devices

Scaling issue on iOS devices
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I wrote a nice set of functions to help me work with multiple resolutions and only one set of images. I’ve based my work on solution presented here:

So everything works great on android, however on iOS - not so much.
I’ve enabled retina, however it seems everything is auto resized.
for example, the scale factor for retina is 1 and for older devices is 0.5. When I run my game with scaling it will work fine on retina, but on older device it will be 25% of the original file!
If I remove scaling and still load the same file, it will look ok on both devices.

What should I do to remove this auto scaling? I want to have same code for all devices, thus want to scale on my own.



As a workaround I’ve had to create separate function to get scale for images and separate to get scale for text size.
Currently, for texts on iOS I’m always returning 0.5, and for images I’m always returning 1.0.