Scale down to "0" doesnt work on firefox

Scale down to "0" doesnt work on firefox
0.0 0


this function crashes in firefox
cc.ScaleTo.create(0.01, 0);

if we change it to
cc.ScaleTo.create(0.01, 0.1); —->this works

just wanted to report this,


“this function crashes in firefox
cc.ScaleTo.create(0.01, 0);”

but in my Test, this function is working.

Do you have some message in firefox console?

my code:
this.sprite.runAction(cc.ScaleTo.create(1, 0));


I confirmed this.

This is probably the major issue for our team, and have been fixed a moment ago by changing it to “0.01” in ScaleTo action similar to what Nick found.
We’re currently using alpha version 2, and have transitioned to test out others to scope the problem down (alpha version 2 as MoonWarrior has ever used, latest framework version cloned from github) and all of them have the similar problem.

It’s pretty much random as some machines which have firefox installed won’t face this problem, and some will. I also believe that the problem goes deep down into gecko-based engine as we’re tried to use xulrunner to run our game on desktop as well, and faced the similar problem.
For your information, I also posted this kind of situation I’ve found here long ago,

Hope this helps !

Updated: Sorry not to carefully read Nick’s information, the situation is really similar but mine doesn’t crash but the screen doesn’t update, please find more information about my case in the link I provided. Thanks!


From what I mean, scaling up as well that experienced this issue.
My workaround is to setScale() to the sprite with 0.01 first, then in cc.ScaleTo.create(1.0, … , it’s normal stuff.