Saving GameState on Android JSB?

Saving GameState on Android JSB?
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I’m making my game in JS Binding on Android and I wanted to save the game state, like a NSUserDefaults. Anyone know how I could do this on Android JS Bindings?

Thank you in advance!


It will be done in next release, we will bind sqlite to save userdata.


good news about this.


So @Chen, it was done![](?

I am trying to use cc.UserDefault, but been unable until now…

Should I use some other class?



For anyone interested I manage to solve it by using the expressions:




Not sure why the cc.UserDefault do not works since this works good.


so, we couldn’t use cc.UserDefault? why?


@Pedro Kayatt

Can you tell me how you achieved that?


Amit Hooda wrote:

@Pedro Kayatt
Can you tell me how you achieved that?

Sorry, but I kind of missed the point here…

As I said, sys.localStorage.getItem(“mItem”) returns the value that was previously set by:
sys.localStorage.setItem(“mItem”, value)…

Are you talking about something else?


@Pedro Kayatt

Yes i know how to use getItem and setItem functions but what if i need to add more functions like getItem so that i can do much more than just key values pairs?


In that case you must configure to use some SQL Options, it is not that simple and unfortunately I never did.

Maybe it is good to open up another thread, since you don’t want to save the GameState you want persist complex data, as for my understand…

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Works but every update of the app the local storage is wiped out.

How can I save user data which survives app updates ?