saveToFile not working on Android 4.3

saveToFile not working on Android 4.3
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I am currently taking a screenshot of the device and saving it using saveToFile. Problem is on my Galaxy S4 simulator running 4.3 it returns success but the image is never actually saved. If I run the same simulator but using 4.2 it works fine.

Any ideas?


Have you tried using fstreams or C functions like fopen, fwrite?


No I am not sure how that works. Do you have any examples?

I have a feeling its due to this:
Trying to get something working on the simulators to test this theory.


It’s from the standard library (#include<fstream>), you can find examples on virtually every site about c++.
The key is to write to the right path: get it with CCFileUtils::getWriteablePath();

My idea is simply to check whether it is a problem with cocos itself or with something else.